Asteroid, the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza, has just passed Earth (safely).

Asteroid flies close to the earth orbit. Planetoids in the inner Solar System. Astronomical 3d illustration

According to NASA estimates, an asteroid approximately as long as the Grand Pyramid of Giza is extensive made “near” encounter with Earth on Sunday (July 25).

There is no concern about space rock being a danger to Earth. Still, NASA watches stones for them both to learn more about the early solar system—asteroids are rocky debris since then — and because the asteroid may represent a future risk to Earth if its orbits alter.

The near-earth asteroid named the GO20 in 2008 is 2.8 million miles (4.5 million km) from our blue marble. According to press sources, it was 18,000 mph (about 29,000 km/h).

The rock is believed to be between 318 and 720 feet (97 to 220 meters) wide. (Great Pyramid of Giza, 450 feet high, or 138 meters high.) Any space rock bigger than about 150 m, with a shaft of 4.6 million km (7.5 million km), is anticipated to be designated a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA); all pHAs are monitored by NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies. In contrast, the distance between Earth and the moon is 19.5 times.

And, in fact, the asteroid (at least one that did not crash in us) does not hold a candle to the closest known flyby, which happened on August 16 2020, when the QG of 2020 flew only 1,830 miles (2,950 km) over the Indiana Ocean. Such tiny objects in space pose no threat to Earth’s life.

On the other hand, GO20 2008 is “possibly dangerous” since the gravity pull of the planets over time may alter the object’s orbital path to cross the Earth orbit. If so, a potential collision with our world is conceivable, NASA warned.

It’s not the first time GO20 visited the Earth’s districts in 2008. According to NASA data, on August 4 1901, the asteroid swung near 1,3 million kilometres (806,856 miles) of our globe. His next closest flyby took place at 1,15 million miles (1.85 million kilometres) from the Earth on July 31, 1935. The following flights from Earth are anticipated to close GO20 to 3.1 million miles on July 24, 20342008. (5 million km).

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